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WEB09, The User Experience Web Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 17-18 April 2009


WEB09 is about User Experience, Design and Technology on the internet. This two day event with 17 speakers, 9 from the USA, 21 sessions on topics such as Design Process, User Experience, Rapid Prototyping, Flash, Silverlight, Mapping, Dojo, jQuery, Android and iPhone development will inspire anyone that works on the web today.

WEB09 has a strong focus on the world of Rich Internet Applications and how these technologies can be leveraged to create powerful user experiences. The topics covered will be of great interest to development teams, large and small. Our speakers are experts in their fields and are very active in the community.

WEB09 will feature loads of content for Flash, Flex, AIR, Silverlight and .Net developers. Presentations on jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 will show the many possibilities that can be done purely in the browser. On the design and interaction side, WEB09 sessions will cover topics such as Design Process, Rapid Application Prototyping and User Experience.

Google will talk about App Engine and the Google APIs that developers can leverage.

For the hot topic iPhone development, we've got some awesome speakers lined up, including John Casasanta, from Tap Tap Tap, who has had a string of hugely successful iPhone apps. We think mobile has finally come of age, with big screens, powerful handsets and permanent internet connections. If your company is interested in how it can leverage the iPhone, these sessions will shed some light on the requirements for and rewards of developing for this platform.

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  • David Karp

    David Karp

    Startup Founder

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
    Ordered List

  • Tim Heuer

    Tim Heuer

    Program Manager

  • Ryan Stewart

    Ryan Stewart

    Platform Evangelist, Adobe

  • Pamela Fox

    Pamela Fox

    Google Maps API

  • Rod Drury

    Rod Drury

    Cloud Computing

  • Dan Rubin

    Dan Rubin

    SuperfluousBanter, Sidebar Creative

  • Arturo Toledo

    Arturo Toledo

    UX Technical Product Manager

  • Paul Burnett

    Paul Burnett

    Adobe Flash
    Sr Worldwide Evangelist, Adobe

  • John Casasanta

    John Casasanta

    iPhone Development
    Founder tap tap tap

  • Dylan Schiemann

    Dylan Schiemann

    Dojo, Openweb
    CEO SitePen,
    Co-founder Dojo Toolkit

  • Andrew Spaulding

    Andrew Spaulding

    Flex, AIR

  • Philip Fierlinger

    Philip Fierlinger

    Head of Design
    Xero,Skyrise, Turntable

  • Jarred Bishop

    Jarred Bishop

    Über Designer

  • Corrina Barber

    Corrina Barber

    User Experience Designer

  • Karl von Randow

    Karl von Randow


  • Greg Amer

    Greg Amer

    Google Android